Hiya folks

Well, happy first of November! Currently I am staring out the window of my apartment at the snow rapidly falling. Yep. On November 1st. What a treat! No sarcasm there; waking up on Halloween morning to a light dusting of snow on my car gave me the perfect mood booster. October was a hectic month, and not just because of Inktober (which I attempted and failed miserably at). I had my "five-day lock-out" from the credit union. Forced to take a vacation, isn't that funny? I spent the time in Hartford with my mom and grandma, trying to do all the usual autumn traditions like consuming copious amounts of apple cider and carving pumpkins. Now that November has started, I have to kick it into full gear. I have a few commissions to get done before diving head first into a bigger illustration gig with a good friend of mine. Great things are on the horizon! Stay tuned.